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"An apple tree under a spell.

An apple tree was barren and never bore fruit, so the landowner asked his two servants to cut it down. But as they went to do so an old man appeared and warned them not to do, saying if they did they would die an unnatural death!

Fortunately they took his advice and the following year the tree bore much fruit!"

A Story or two...

Apple stories

Amanda Edmiston shares apple stories for The World Storytelling cafe during lockdown 2020

Hallowe'en Divining!

An off the cuff look at traditional Samhain divining you dare try them?

'We went guising and made turnip lanterns, with a bit cut off for a lid and a face cut out, and a candle inside. You only got your treat if you did a turn. There was ducking for apples with a fork, and treacle scones at social events. Nuts were roasted in the fire and if the nut exploded it was meant the person you had your e'en on loved you.'

Kist in Thyme: Poppets and Besoms, workshops.

If you wished you'd joined us for Poppets and Besoms, then never fear we have good news!

 All six online workshops including storytelling from Amanda Edmiston and crafts from artist and folklorist Holly Elsdon were recorded live and are available to buy as a package, for £34.50, which includes a beautifully curated  craft-along-box  which will come in handy as you engage with the sessions. 

Although our theme this time was Hallowe'en and Autumn, feedback has suggested that those of you who wish it was Hallowe'en every day might enjoy it as we continue to move through the dark half of the year!

Email Amanda at [email protected] for details.

Also if you'd like to catch up with some of the extra stories and folk traditions we've been sharing in the Kist in Thyme facebook group or would like to be the first to get details of the forthcoming Yule themed Kist in Thyme, live, online workshops then do join us via the link below

Alternatively if you're a teacher or community group leader and would love to arrange a Kist of Thyme workshop connecting to stories, legends, plant traditions and related activities for your group then do email Amanda at [email protected] for details on how she can create bespoke sessions either in person or via Teams, Google classroom or Zoom, connecting to curriculum topics or proposed outcomes!

Look forward to seeing you all for a story or two soon!

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