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                                           Bespoke Sessions~engaging participants with plants, heritage and storytelling.


Your Next Botanica Fabula Event

Amanda's sessions bring history, folklore and traditional stories to life.

Glamorous gala goers suddenly spot rosehips in a hedge and long to taste their syrup.

Families can engage with collections from a distance or leave live museum events noticing exhibits they've never seen before, making them desperate to return and seek out more lost stories and hidden treasures.

Schools and community groups come together to learn, share stories, memories, connecting to the places they live or engaging with distant fascinating places and ideas.

From intriguing interactive exhibitions, through online interactions, recorded and live digital events, workshops and experiential performance graced by co-curated menus and conversation pieces each element of Amanda's work is bespoke so that it will be perfect for your venue and will enhance and add humour and enchantment to your programme.

Talk to Amanda about how Botanica Fabula can help you create a magical event today.

Call on +44 7884107466 or email her direct at [email protected] 

Opening A Curious Herbal

The Very Curious Herbal

An enchanted journey into the extraordinary, verdant world of the 18th century.

Inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell’s book: ‘A Curious Herbal’, 

the first herbal created by a woman, to be published.

This interactive, multisensory work by Amanda Edmiston of Botanica Fabula, layers pages from the book, traditional remedies and flavours revealed by the plant collectors, recipe creators and apothecaries of the day with legends, history and folklore adding vivid dimensions to the plants revealed in the pages of this beautiful book, using traditional storytelling techniques.

The piece consists of an episodic interactive online and touring performance pieces and accompanying workshops, which can be booked and then tailored to suit your venue or collection...

Click here to reveal more

A Kist in Thyme

The Kist in Thyme has a fabulous track record of getting everyone laughing, whilst also thinking about social history and changes to our relationship with plants that have happened in the last 70 years. The multi-dimensional, experiential Kist sessions have had been loved by audiences at The National Museum of Rural Life, The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and The MacRobert Art Centre in Stirling amongst others with new elements developing during Scotland Year of Stories 2022 and tour dates available from Summer 2022…read more

Herbal Magic and Potent Potions

Using items from venues collections and familiar household items as the starting point, Amanda explores some of the legends and unexpected remedies behind the plants that were once our go-to for treating ailments and maladies.

Will you risk a sip of the brew that cures a bump from a dancing tree? How did eating humble humbugs cause so many people to be quite so sick?! What does your mum have in common with the mythical phoenix?

These sessions are designed to work alongside the curriculum and compliment topics based on  historical times, food and farming or any aspect of  the natural environment, or can be adapted to connect to books during literacy weeks. They are also great way of engaging audiences with museum or outdoor collections. By using ancient stories from around the world that reveal the real power of plants and offering the  opportunity to mix up your own magical potions!

Perfect for all ages...find out more

Recent projects

-Amanda is currently immersed in creating the online layers of The Very Curious Herbal project.

The project starts with a connection to the work of C18th creator of 'A Curious Herbal': Elizabeth Blackwell.

Amanda was inspired after seeing the original herbal in a beautiful library whilst creating a bespoke workshop for The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow and she is using this new work to draw participants into an incredible world of amazing plants and determined women, inviting audiences to reflect on the insights offered into the modern world by cultural shifts which took place around Blackwell's lifetime through stories which reveal the plants she drew and wrote notes on.

The piece also offers live performances and experiential workshops and launched with a sell-out show at The National Library of Scotland in October 2019 as part of The Scottish International Storytelling Festival. The project is also available as a series of weekly online elements which you can join in with here at Botanica Fabulousness #CuriousHerbal

The Kist in Thyme is growing! 

There are new stories being collected, exciting workshops being honed and  tour dates being juggled, with ongoing interactive sessions and live digital performances to see us through the restrictions of the pandemic, you can join in here or send Amanda an email to find out how your school can take part through a digital platform. 

"THANK YOU for bringing the Kist in Thyme to the OneWorld Festival.

Your being there meant a lot to us and there has been very positive feedback from people who were there...

Many thanks Amanda it was so wonderful to have you there"

Dr Sarah K. Doherty, The Ashmolean Museum.

- After three fabulous years of sell out events 'Celebrating Scottish Folk Magic and Community Traditions' Amanda is currently taking a breath before creating a fourth  event in Scotland in  2023 with The Taibhsear Collective.

You can find out more about The Taibhsear Collective and catch up with past events here

 To hear clips from and order or download the Tales of the Taibhsear album click here

-Amanda looked into the stories hidden in iconic Scottish Folklorist and Recipe collector: Florence Marian McNeill's work, for her performance piece 'Feasting, Folklore and Florence' which was very well received at The Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2018 and her online elements to accompany the work give a sneaky glimpse of exciting elements and new work to be revealed in the near future. 

You can read an insight into her research on this leading light of the Scottish Suffrage Movement and Renaissance Woman in The National newspaper here

Forthcoming Projects

Amanda is currently working on a new project for Scotland's Year of Stories 2022 with The Crichton Institute you can find out more about 'Up the Middle Road' here She has also been creating a fully online schools residency, incorporating live but remote interactions, with international educational storytelling consultancy Pana Wakke for schools in Shanghai and finishing writing the final chapters of what will become the beautiful book to accompany The Very Curious Herbal project!

What I’d love to do next...

I love creating intriguing, site-specific work looking at plants and history in gardens. Uncovering the traditional stories that bring them to life and the food and remedies which are associated with a place and revealing them in interesting ways to new audiences, tying in factors that make them relevant and insightful for new audiences today. 

There's nothing more exciting than being given the opportunity to develop a package of multi-layered engaging and dynamic experiences designed to add a new element to gorgeous and fascinating venues!

I can help you add a unique experience to a  glamorous gala-night or add interest to family events: either live or online; and I would love to create work for somewhere fabulous like Singapore Botanic Gardens or New York Botanic Gardens in the not so distant future!

I'm also seeking the perfect publisher to collaborate on an aesthetically appealing, beautiful book curating a mixture of traditional and ‘mended’ herbal stories with folklore, history and ancient remedies and recipes, to accompany The Very Curious Herbal project!

 I dream of lavish illustrations and unfurling multidimensional pages… and I’m looking for a fearless publisher who still believes in the power of enchantment and is not frightened of connecting the work to live and new online interactions to create this with.

Call on +44 7884107466 or email me at [email protected] today if you would like to discuss how I can create a Botanica Fabula event for your venue. 

Feedback from A Kist in Thyme

“The Kist in Thyme exhibition is absolutely fantastic. Amanda's work has been really inspirational!’

PGDE student from Edinburgh University. 

From the launch of A Kist in Thyme, Scottish Storytelling Centre

How  Bespoke Botanica Fabula Can Transform Your Event

Or maybe you'd love me to create an entirely unique, one-off project tailored perfectly to suit your needs? 

Call on +44 7884107466or email me at [email protected] today to plan for a Botanica Fabula event. 

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