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'Edmiston has an inimitable, often humorous, and compelling performance style...a notable, and increasingly influential, figure in Scottish folklore...'

Dr Valentina Bold, Dreaming Bread and Skyrie Stanes for The Bottle Imp November 2018 see more...


Amanda Edmiston 

When I’m about to embark on telling a story… I start by creating a vivid picture in my audience’s heads, it feels like I’m opening a doorway into a world of enchantment: one built half of reality, history, facts and half magical garden brought to life

As the story unfurls I reveal layers of the place I can see, a dimension is added, the picture is augmented by real smells, sights and tastes I share with the audience.

After the tale has ended, a little bit of its effervescence will travel with you and you will step away feeling like you’ve been to a completely different place, discovered new things, started to understand forgotten facts and a little bit of its magic will never leave!

To chat over how Amanda can create bespoke sessions, either online or live, for your venue 

email her at [email protected]

Verbal Herbal Magic!

I create layered bespoke storytelling based experiences melding history with herbal medicine, gardens with art, stories woven from reminiscence and folklore with new work and traditional tales adding an element of enchantment to events, making magical worlds and historical facts come to life. 

Each event whether live or online, offers much more than just a storytelling session, my work is embellished with facts and memories, I share carefully curated collections of artefacts and original artwork which draw the listener in a little further and choose samples of plant based remedies, teas, folkloric cakes and tantalising tastes from the tales and facts  which bring the enchanted world I create to life. 

Take a look at some of my previous projects, workshops, and performances on my Gallery page along with links to ongoing projects HERE

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  • Heritage Sites
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Universities and Libraries

Book a Storytelling EventLive or Online?

Stories weave threads throughout every culture. They educate, engage and enchant the listener in a truly unique way. Stories are designed to be told, heard, and experienced, an integral part of our oral tradition. If you'd like to add this vital element of creativity to your project, either live in person or using digital media, then do get in touch and we can plan an event designed specifically for you. Call Amanda on +44 7884107466 or +44 786841136 or email her  [email protected] today to talk about your next Botanica Fabula event.