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"That was incredible! You truly created verbal herbal magic!"

Claire after 'Atropa Nights' performance


Dynamic and Engaging

I like to make my tales really absorbing, so I encourage participants to get involved with the elements of the story.

For example, there may be herbal teas to taste, cloth woven from nettles to stroke, rhymes and charms to learn, or memories to share. This way participants find it easy and enjoyable to connect deeply with the narrative’s setting, context (historical and environmental), idea, and message. Stories provide a safe, magical space to look at fascinating facts and pathways we can all discover and share and my unique way of working engages listeners not only with the tale, but with traditional plant use and the place I'm working in, as I weave in vital elements of the heritage and landscape. 

"Thank you Amanda, for the huge amount of thinking that went into creating such a rich experience. 

It was everything and more than we had hoped for, in terms of travellers' tales, applied history, creativity, and imagination with a constructive project to take away"

Dr Anna Groundwater, History,  University of Edinburgh on 'Traveller's Tales and Tales for Travellers' a collaboration between schools and Edinburgh University October 2016.

Botanica Fabula

Amanda Edmiston, professional storyteller and artist with a background in herbal medicine based in Scotland, but working across the U.K. and internationally.

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  • Bespoke Projects
  • Botanical and science lead specialist storytelling
  • Research and Story-mending

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  • Herbal storytelling
  • Engaging Workshops
  • Training and Professional Development.

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  • Performance and Collaboration
  • Curriculum lead schools and intergenerational sessions
  • Storyboxes: a blend of Art and Heritage.

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Amanda creates site specific, bespoke workshops, storytelling sessions, long-term projects and performance pieces suitable for a range of venues and works with groups of all ages. She has enhanced disclosure as a member of the PVG scheme and public liability insurance as a member of Equity. 

From Far and Away

I meet so many lovely, fascinating people on my storytelling travels...and am often asked how people can keep in touch and hear more stories, especially from folk who can't make it along to a live session or would like to follow up their workshop experience by delving deeper into plant stories and connections.

There are exciting plans growing and more will flourish soon, so do keep in touch.

Or discover some of my herbal story-lead work on ETSY and receive  a little bit of herbal storytelling magic of your own!

My Story

'A dyed in the wool storyteller', former student of herbal medicine: Amanda Edmiston, comes from a long line of storytellers, writers and artists. 

To be honest I've always been fascinated by plants and the stories around them, I love how they reveal the way we connect to each other and our natural environment through their use.

I love to weave together facts, folklore, traditional tales, history and herbal remedies using traditional storytelling techniques, which I then combine in sessions and workshops creating a rich multi-sensory tapestry which audiences have described as being like ‘an enchanting and dynamic glimpse into a magical garden’. 

If you fancy finding out about my storytelling travels, what I'm currently up to, discover a plant story or two and where I'll be working next then do hop over to facebook, where I add photo journals and forthcoming events. HERE

My Mission

Coming Soon

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